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About Little Squirt  Dog Diapers / Dog Belly Band

When we were designing these  Dog Diapers / Dog Belly Bands we chose a material that needed to have these qualities :

  •   Low Cost

  •   Extremely Durable

  •   Environmentally friendly Doa Diapers

  •   Will not absorb liquid

  •   Does not need laundering

  •   Will not stain

  •   Does not leak

  •   Comfortable for your pet  

  •   Does not retain any odors

  •   Easy to put on and take off

  •   Easy to adjust the fit

  •   Replaceable Velcro Strap *** NEW***

But Most important, these 2 design requirements out weighed everything else

  •   Must use inexpensive pantie liners
      and must not cause any discomfort to the pet

With Little Squirt Dog Diapers / Dog Belly Band, we have all the required properties that we set out for ourselves

Our Team
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