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Little Squirt  
Dog Diapers / Dog Belly Band sizing
Dog Diaper Side View
Sizing of your "Little Squirt" Dog Diapers / Dog Belly Band is easy
measure around your dogs mid-section , just in front of his rear hips.
Small            10" (254mm) to 14" (356mm)
Medium        12" (305mm) to 16" (406mm)
Large           15" (381mm) to 20" (508mm)
Dog Diaper Side View

A great thing about our dog diapers is the "flexibility of the fit."


The way our dog diapers are held on is very forgiving. The Velcro fastens to any point ,all the way around the band.


For example , a dog with a 15 inch waist can comfortably wear a either a medium or large diaper( larger is not a bad thing in this case) , what we don't want is to be to small.

Please contact us for Custom size availability and pricing

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